Symposium 2016

Probing: Attorneys Investigating & Uncovering Misconduct Outside the Courtroom

The motivation for this symposium is to promote the Law School’s dedication to trial advocacy and the Journal’s commitment to practical legal scholarship while exploring the newly emerging field of legal probing and attorney investigation. In addition to producing cutting-edge legal scholarship for publication in the Trial Journal, this event will provide attendees with three (3) hours of free CLE credit.

We are excited to bring together contributors from inside and outside the state to discuss this rapidly growing field of legal practice.


Symposium 2016 [Poster]


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  1. Just exactly what is “legal probing and attorney investigation” outside the courtroom ?

    • Mr. Vollmer,

      Legal probing and attorney investigation is an emerging area of the law. The attorneys that will be speaking at our event have completed investigations using legal standards in not necessarily legal fields, such as NCAA compliance, academic integrity at institutions of higher learning, alleged misconduct of NFL football players, and internal investigations of companies. Our speakers have used legal standards (more likely than not, etc.) to determine if misconduct occurred in the areas mentioned. Our speakers will be speaking on their experiences with probes and also what this area of the law looks like in a legal practice.

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