Upcoming Volume 41.1

Volume 41.1

The Direct Examination Blueprint: Nine Empirically Supported Principles for Maximum Attention, Retention, and Comprehension
Harry Mitchell Caldwell

Death and Human Frailty: Why Juror Perceptions Should Shape Capital Punishment Policy
Travis D. Jones & David S. Coale

The Fifth Amendment and  Compelling Unencrypted Data, Encryption Codes,  and Passwords
Robert H. Cauthen

Accessing Jury Selection Data in a Pre-Digital Environment
Liz McCurry Johnson

Students Works

Policing the Police: A “Clearly Established” First Amendment Right to Record the Police
Brittany S. Mercer (3L)

The Invasion of Racial Bias into Jury Deliberations: Examining Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado
Amanda L. Butterworth Wineman (3L)